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    col rs manral May 29, 2010 at 11:23 AM |

    it seems a fashion to criticize the govt policy by certain people just to be in the news. it would be better if these people before criticizing the govt on every issue ,find out the reality. now this case of money being wasted on education. one must first find out what the money allotted is for. is it for pay/books/school building/furniture. in case the amount shown for each district is for all that i have mentioned, then in my opinion it is 5% of the requirement.

    these people who criticize do not even know how much it costs to run a school properly. the govt has to adhere to certain laid down guide lines and any deviation from the guidelines invites audit and other problems.

    criticism is good and healthy but to criticize for the sake of it is unhealthy and there is always a personnel angle to it.


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