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    Udaya Pant July 21, 2013 at 6:15 PM |

    ऐसे सभी कार्य सेना के हवाले कर दिए जाने चाहिए ताकि भ्रष्टाचार भी न हो, काम की गुणवत्ता भी बनी रहे और आपदा के कफन से अपने सूट सिलाने वाले भ्रष्टतंत्र के घर भी न भर सकें। (Y)

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    B S Thapliyal July 21, 2013 at 6:58 PM |

    Very appropriate analysis. Could have been
    short and concise.

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    Prof KKPande July 21, 2013 at 7:11 PM |

    Very well said -A suggestion

    The recent disaster in the higher catchment area of Uttarakhand resulting in loss of life and damage to valuable natural resources has indeed been shocking to one and all. While the news was flooded with the rescue operation of the tourists, what remains thereafter is a great task difficult to be completed alone; the rehabilitation of local residents.

    At this moment it is important to work as a team and share responsibilities to re-build the important region with an immediate aim of rehabilitating the local people to ensuring connectivity to the remote villages for movement of goods, food and other material. Also important from a strategic reason is the way we look at alternate roads to reach our border in case of a conflict; the present situation shows that we are ill prepared to face any untoward incidents on this border.

    This is an open letter to all decision makers, policy makers, planners and others based on my assessment at the ground level.

    A. Needs: Individual

    1. Shelter for the homeless
    2. Bedding, clothing’s and woolen
    3. Utensils and other basic house hold items
    4. Re-employment or re-skilling to earn for sustainable living
    5. Drinking Water
    6. Electricity

    B. Needs: Community

    1. Health facilities
    2. School
    3. Road connectivity
    4. Communication connectivity
    5. Financial institution/bank

    C. Prevention immediate

    1. Controlling the river flow where extremely critical
    2. Removing encroachments blocking flow of water
    3. Declaring and enforcing danger zones

    D. Plans:

    1. Policies on construction of roads in the region
    2. Policies on construction of houses and buildings
    3. Policies on readiness for disasters
    4. Policies on development in the region
    5. Policies on traffic in the hilly terrain
    6. Long term sustenance and development of the region for livelihood.

    In this letter I will focus on the points other than policy (which needs deliberations).

    A. Support under Corporate Social Responsibility[CSR]

    Various Corporate and industry organizations have come forward and shown their willingness to do something. The key question in front of them is – what do they do and how can their contribution be stretched to have maximum impact to the needy. Do all the donors pour in their funds into a pond and organization providing relief work and rehabilitation draw from this pool. Prior experience has shown that this ‘common pool’ approach has its pitfalls and filled with approval delays. Multiple organizations come with their own pools leading to added duplication. All pick the low hanging requirements, leading to skewed rehabilitation where one ends with a surplus of certain things and a dearth of already hard to achieve goals.

    It is time to try a different approach of ‘adopting’ a village, valley, tehsil or district.

    My proposal is to divide the affected districts between willing organizations like FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chamber, Public Sector Undertakings etc., for adopting a district to be taken up for rehabilitation. These organizations conduct a need based assessment for the district; which is compiled for all affected villages which need attention.

    Based on the need assessment an analysis of the financial requirement for a village or group of village or valley can be made. These details should be provided to the member organizations so they themselves choose the ‘adoption’ of a village, valley, tehsil or district based upon the funds approved for CSR. Once the corporate have completed the ‘adoption’ they are also responsible for the program management. This ownership is key in stretching the impact of the donation by the corporate. Cash should not be provided to the people but the development should be based on scientific and technical inputs by the corporate houses.

    Skill development should be an important component so that there is an input for livelihood for the people in the long run based on the plan which could be village based or valley based.

    The development will include schools, hospital, bank, water and electricity to the village. In case of electricity stand along support should be provided under the support by way of Solar energy and where possible ‘Gharat’ based micro hydro plants.

    B. Road Connectivity

    This should be taken up on war footing by the Border Roads, National Highway and the State PWD with first level of opening for connectivity of the area with jeep able roads or even foot road so that there is approach to the last village.
    Future planning to be worked, for the connectivity, also with an aim of connecting the border region in case of a conflict.
    Restoration of the traditional treks should be done to have access under such calamities.
    C. Prevention

    Undertake a complete survey of the catchment and use Remote Sensing data and GPS to resurvey all catchments in the next two months for prevention of such occurrence in the future.

    Plot critical points needing prevention or action and ensure the work starts immediately after monsoon and is completed by March 2014.

    To accomplish the same a high powered task force on the pattern of the Delhi Metro with resourceful construction companies be employed to ensure work is done in a time bound manner.

    Demarcate danger zone and No construction zones in the entire State to ensure future safety of human life.

    Immediately take a Zero tolerance policy on construction etc along and within the rivers and rivulets.

    Take a complete re-think on all works under progress in the National interest. Where they need to be stopped the loss is less as compared to the loss of human life.

    D. Future Planning

    We plan to do a series of brain storming sessions in the near future and will submit the recommendation. Similar sessions should be held at the National level to take care of the problem and make a policy for all Himalayan region States.

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    MADAN MOHAN BHATT July 21, 2013 at 8:34 PM |

    Uttarakhand m ayi jani ke ke hun ses chhu, ya apada wa midday meal apun mankasi karan m lagy ro,u le hun chhy alle,ar kehuni chhu ayi. Hamar pradesh m kanun byawasyha k koi dar re nige, M apuri ku, mel HEM RADIOK dehradun m 25 dineki training leber licemcek lijy exam de pass heyi licence mili 5 sal hegeyi koi sunari nhetyn ab licence khatam huni chhu fir renew kreber ke krul, Apadak tem jab sab sancharak sadhan ya tak mobile le kam karan band kar du HEMRADIO desh videsh tak lagatar apun kam kar saku, el kedarnath m apdak waqt agar hamar apda mantralayalel yeki sudhi li huni t shayad janhani kuchh t kam awashya huni, Magar hamar rajya m ja ganitak teacher drawaing, m tem katnayi, skul kabhat unayi kabhat janeyi koi dekhani nhete to YOT HUNACHHY

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    Dinesh Singh July 22, 2013 at 8:17 AM |

    Not everything is correct. Development has to be seen in proper perspective. Comparing kedarnath with river valley projects is absurd.It is not possible to explain tragedy at kedarnath as a proper study requires time after monsoon.Govind bhai knee jerk reactions are not the solutions of disasters man made or otherwise. Tunneling is an expertise and is done with reinforcements without endangering hill stability if done properly, it is not like tearing a hole in ur pant which destroys the fabric!!

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    pankaj pandey July 22, 2013 at 10:22 PM |

    नैनीताल समाचार से अपेक्षित आलेख है यह। हर किसी को यह आलेख पढ़ना चहिये। और अन्य माध्यमों में भी इसे प्रकाशित किया जाना चाहिए ताकि अधिक से अधिक लोग इसे पढ़ सकें।

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    Dinesh chandra pandey July 24, 2013 at 5:32 PM |

    Vaastav me bahut chintajanak haalat hai .ab to sarkaar ko jaagana chaahie.


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